Bicycle with a Name of “Evolution”


Ride with classic in your city

The situation you pass other people with this bike is so cool. The bike has functionality and cool looking is released with city style.

26 inch Cargo Bike 6 Speed BANGO


The city bike that will be traveling with you,

The city bike which is colored black mainly would be make a time that to enjoy riding. The feeling is like on stone‐paved road in Europe. Let's fill up your favorite things or gift to precious one into the wooden box,,, and this bike will run with you. Like these exciting daily with this city bike together.

26 inch City Bike Groot


Riding with new scenery

This is the classical bicycle which is adopted the rug welding frame that have been used since a long time. A different scenery would be spread in front of you, if you are with a favorite bicycle. A nice finding would appear to daily life.

700C City Bike Straat



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